PayGate S.A was incorporated on the 15th of September 2016 in Luxembourg.
The corporate is one of the offshore subsidiaries of PayGate based in Seoul, Korea.


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I express a tremendous excitement to be able to launch our Luxembourg Office. Global exponential growth in Finance, Technology compels us to stay innovative and efficient. Beginning with security technology and credit card payment systems, PayGate has now expanded to incorporate services such as International Remittance, Currency Exchange, and Tax Refund Services.

PayGate's patented platform named as " Seyfert " is based on a Blockchain system that has played a vital chain role within FinTech Companies. With an aim to become a Global banking Business Corporation, the platform has enabled cost-effective International Banking for Businesses.

Our unique IT platform gives us a unique identity in the financial world. This competitive advantage has attracted many businesses in the financial world to partner with us. We get hundreds of inquiries and our partners are amazed by the service quality and its cost effectiveness we provide to them.

The company is continuing to develop and diversify its services for consumers, based on a B2B model, with Travellers Tax Refund Service, Currency Exchange Service, P2P Remittance Service, Social Financial Services and Infra making services for P2P lending services directly for consumers.

Client success is at the core of PayGate’s motivation. Efficiency and Innovation integrates in our service to its partners.
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Paygate S.A will offer a dynamic Business solution in Payment and Remittance Industry. Based upon its management expertise over the last two decades, it envisions becoming a Key Player in the European Market creating value to its Merchants, Partners and Stakeholders.

PayGate S.A will enable Payment, E-commerce, Remittance and Foreign Exchange across the region and will guarantee a secure online payment processing for International Credit cards and other types of Payments through advanced secured, reliable and cost effective payment platform. With its unique state of the art processing technologies for minimizing fraud and chargeback risk with cost efficiency, the cutting edge banking platform offers a vast array of secure Payment solutions for Businesses.

Our Service

International Remittance

B2B (Into Europe)

The European Region consists nearly 25% of all Global Remittance Transactions. We aim to bridge a large portion of that market by providing express B2B remittance service in/out of Europe while maintaining a cost-effective secured transactions.

International Remittance

B2B (From Europe)

PayGate and its partners around the world work round the clock to provide a global reach for Asian, European businesses that seek a dependable and secure remittance service to rely on for B2B transactions.

International Remittance

P2P (Into Europe)

It is estimated that in 2014 migrant workers alone remitted around US $109 Billion to the rest of the developing world. One-third (US$36 Billion) of the US$109 Billion, were sent to 19 countries inside of Europe. We can help migrant save millions of dollars in their transaction costs.

International Remittance

P2P (From Europe)

PayGate is working towards the goal of transmitting funds quicker and cheaper from and to Europe to the hands of those beneficiaries in need.

International Remittance

Execution of Payment Transactions

Payment Gateway

Designing an easily accessible, simple integration and secure payment gateway service is the core responsibility set out for the PayGate team.

Execution of Payment Transactions

Ecommerce Settlement

It is critical for e-commerce businesses to settle the payment instantly as possible. With our core ideals of easy accessibility and security, PayGate virtual accounts will be able to provide dependable settlements into banks across Europe.

Execution of Payment Transactions

Foreign Exchange Services

FX Services

Paygate offers a competitive Foreign Exchange service to its partners. The exchange rate is offered in partnership with exchange rate offering exchanges. Partners can generate huge margin with our speculative currency rate. Partners can exchange currencies through our admin. We also provide real money exchange service.

Foreign Exchange Services

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